Hi, nice to meet you! Laura wants to spare you another bland "about me" text, so she asked me to do a short interview with her instead. Hi Laura! Quickly introduce yourself for starters?

Hi there, I'm Laura! I currently live in Tokyo, and I write software for a living. That's me:

Nice photo! What kind of software do you write?

Thanks! I mostly work within the Ruby/Rails ecosystem right now, so I build web apps. I do lots of backend work which I very much enjoy, and I can also write decent frontend code if needed.

I want to become a Ruby when I grow up, so that's right up my alley :) What do you like about programming?

It's the perfect combo of logic and creativity. You can go all the way from thinking something up to actually bringing it to life.

What do you do when you're not programming?

I like books, games, martial arts and hiking. Oh, and I enjoy making stuff, so I craft, cook and bake as well :)

Neat! You also do public speaking, right?

Right! I occasionally speak at conferences. There are videos for most of my talks, if you want to have a look.

Will do! A random fact about yourself?

My go-to character alignment in classic D&D RPGs is Chaotic Good.


Yep. Thanks for helping with the interview!

My pleasure!

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